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Absorption Centers

When new olim (immigrants) land on the ground in Israel, we immediately provide step-by-step assistance and a supportive framework to help them make a smooth move to the Jewish homeland. Upon their arrival, these olim can live in transitional housing in our Absorption Centers, located throughout the country.

At the Absorption Centers, a wide range of helpful resources are available, including preparation seminars for life and employment in Israel, and more. Ulpanim (intensive Hebrew classes) are also offered at most Centers so that olim can begin to conquer the Hebrew language, which will help in their transition.


In 2019, 13,297 olim were engaged in absorption programs that readied them for living in Israel.

One thing you don’t expect to find immediately as a new immigrant is
true love. Our Absorption Centers might not advertise romance as something they provide but they’ve produced more than their fair share of lasting couples. In 2019, from our Ulpan Etzion Center alone, 16 new immigrant couples were formed, falling in love while learning Hebrew. When Dana, a social worker from New Jersey, made Aliyah, she didn’t know that attending Ulpan Etzion would lead to her making lifelong friends and meeting Ethan, a lawyer from Paris, and the love of her life.

When reflecting on her time at Ulpan Etzion and bonding with her peers, Dana shared that though they may have come to Israel for different reasons, “becoming a unit, with a shared love of Israel and a commitment to spending the rest of our lives there, bonded us together almost immediately… we became each other’s supports, study partners, life-long friends and most of all we became family.”



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