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Aliyah by the Numbers

Over the last 10 years, more than a quarter million immigrants have moved to Israel from 150 countries around the world. 2019 saw 35,635 olim (immigrants) arrive in Israel, the highest number in a single year in the past decade. And more are still to come.

With The Jewish Agency’s assistance, a staggering number of global Jews choose to make Aliyah annually.
In 2019, 35,635 olim made Israel their home. Use the interactive map below to see where they came from:

At the end of 2019, as another decade concluded, The Jewish Agency amassed impressive data on Aliyah over the past decade, with major trends noted. Aliyah from France peaked from 2010-2019, with the arrival of around 38,000 immigrants. Olim coming from Brazil have also been breaking records: in the first half of the decade, around 200 people arrived annually, on average; but in the second half of the decade, the average jumped to over 600 annually. Similarly, there is a renewed increase in Aliyah from the former Soviet Union, especially from Russia and Ukraine.

Check out the interactive chart below for a breakdown of Aliyah over the last decade by region:

“Over the last 10 years, more than a quarter million immigrants made Aliyah with assistance from The Jewish Agency,” said Jewish Agency Chairman Isaac Herzog at an event for olim in December 2019. “They chose to live in Israel out of a sense of deep connection and a desire to build their futures and the future of their children in this country.

Watch as these new olim are welcomed to Israel:


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