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Fulfilling the Zionist Dream

Every year, we facilitate numerous Aliyah missions around the world for tens of thousands of people. Whether it’s the fulfillment of a lifelong dream or the need to leave unsafe conditions in their native country, with our assistance, any and all Jews can move to the Jewish homeland.

“Many Jews come to Israel because they see opportunities for a better life,” said Malka*, who made Aliyah from Latin America in 2019. “And while that’s true, even more importantly, I think that this is our place, our country.”

Of course, while so many olim (immigrants) move to Israel purely because they want to fulfill the Zionist vision of living in the Jewish state, many immigrate to Israel for both Zionist and safety reasons.

“For me, Israel is hope. Hope that everything for a Jew is possible,” said Uriel, whose parents escaped the Nazi invasion of Poland, while his wife’s parents fled Algeria and Morocco. “Our parents and grandparents had no choice. Today we come by choice, at least at the moment. I hope it will always be like this.” Read this extensive National Geographic piece covering why French Jews are moving to Israel and the country’s new era of antisemitism.

In 2019, with antisemitism rising to alarming numbers in many countries globally and hitting record highs in the U.S., more Jews than ever are fleeing oppressive governments or unsafe and antisemitic environments by making Aliyah to live in safety in Israel.


18% increase in major violent antisemitism worldwide and a 47% increase in life-endangering antisemitic threats from 2018 to 2019.

Tel Aviv University Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry,
Annual Report on Antisemitism Worldwide for 2019 


“We’re leaving because of the rising bigotry against Jews in France,” said David*, from Levallois-Perret, a wealthy suburb near Paris. David and his wife, Eloise*, were two of 2,478 olim who made Aliyah from France in 2019. Read more about why David and other Jews from France and countries in Latin America chose to make Aliyah.


*Names changed to protect identities



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